Episode 30: Dealing with Difficult People Roundtable

Episode 30: Dealing with Difficult People Roundtable


- Tywauna Wilson  

- Stephanie Whitehead

- Lona Small

In this Roundtable episode, Tywauna Wilson, Lona Small and Stephanie Whitehead discuss strategies for identifying and dealing with difficult people in the workplace. They provide tips on managing emotions, maintaining composure, and having crucial conversations in challenging interpersonal situations. 

Key Topics

Characteristics of "difficult people" - rigid, argumentative, lack of respect for authority, complaining, emotional outbursts, rude, refuses to acknowledge mistakes

Importance of not labeling people

o   Emotional intelligence - self-awareness, empathy
o   Nonviolent communication - no judgmental language, address concerns constructively
o   DISC assessment - adapt to different communication/behavioral styles
o   Conflict resolution - active listening, validate concerns, find common ground
o   Mindfulness-  Pauses before reacting, considers motivations. Reduces emotional hijacking.
o   Positive intelligence - see challenges as opportunities for knowledge, power/influence, inspiration. This method allows leaders and teams to continuously practice emotional regulation, empathy, peace of mind, clear focus, and creativity, resulting in increased productivity, strong work relationships, and peace of mind.

 Steps for positive intelligence:

o   Empathize
o   Explore
o   Innovate
o   Navigate 
o   Activate

Managing emotions:

  - Acknowledge emotions

  - Practice active listening

  - Stay calm and empathetic

  - Set boundaries

  - Avoid escalation

  - Seek support/advice

  - Focus on solutions

  - Learn from experiences

Communication strategies:

  - Clarify and paraphrase

  - Use "I" statements

Practical example of managing emotions as a leader

- Importance of self-care and debriefing with trusted colleagues  

- Give yourself grace as you practice these skills


Recommended Resources:

 Book: Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine 
Reach out to Lona Small to learn how your full team can create a culture utilizing Positive Intelligence where they continuously practice emotional regulation, empathy, and have peace of mind, clear focus, creativity resulting in increase productivity and strong work relationships and peace of mind.
§  Nonviolent communication method
§  DISC assessment  
§  Find a mentor or coach to help debrief difficult situations



o   Identify any "difficult people" in your workplace
o   Try utilizing some of the strategies covered, like empathy and conflict resolution
o   Practice managing emotions and having crucial conversations
o    Build your support network to debrief challenges
o   Don't give up - it takes practice to improve these skills!
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Creators and Guests

Tywauna Coach Tee Wilson
Tywauna Coach Tee Wilson
Leadership Maven , International Trainer, Author, Laboratory Mentor, and Career Success Coach for Professionals Who Are On the Move. Tywauna Wilson is a leading authority on using your strengths to stand out above the crowd. You want to be the best, but you feel like you can’t. Your career is stalled, and you feel like you’re in a rut. It’s time to get unstuck! Mentorship with Coach Tee can be the catalyst that you have been waiting for to ignite your passion, push you past your limits, and inspire you to achieve success!