Episode 5: Useful Tips to Survive as an Understaffed Lab

Episode 5: Useful Tips to Survive as an Understaffed Lab

Critical staffing, under-staffed, short-staffed - it's all the same. And, no matter what terminology you use, most labs (especially recently) have faced this significant problem. The stress of not having enough staff to cover the needed shifts and cause anxiety for the entire laboratory.  

In this episode of eLABorate Topics podcast hosts Lona Small, Tywauna Wilson, and Stephanie Whitehead had a great roundtable discussion discussion useful tips to use if your lab is understaffed.

The podcast hosts discussed:
  • An overview of common reasons that laboratories are experiencing workforce shortages.
  • Operational tips to provide support and find solutions for the staff working through the shortage
  • Team and cultural changes to help retain staff and prevent turnover

Listen to this full episode to get detailed information on how to survive being short staffed in your laboratory.
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Creators and Guests

Stephanie Whitehead
Stephanie Whitehead
Executive laboratory leader with a warm and friendly demeanor always! Skilled at conflict resolution. Team builder who is acutely attentive to internal and external customer needs. Punctual problem solver and avid multitasker. Track record of being an essential part of the management and laboratory team and instrumental in providing effective solutions that produce immediate impact and contribute to the establishment’s long-term success. Co-host for the internationally streamed laboratory podcast, eLABorate Topics. This weekly podcast shares messages related to laboratory and leadership. In addition to her career in laboratory medicine, Stephanie plays an active role in the local community through her involvement with organizations such as Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., The Junior League of San Antonio and the Girl Scouts of America.
Tywauna Coach Tee Wilson
Tywauna Coach Tee Wilson
Leadership Maven , International Trainer, Author, Laboratory Mentor, and Career Success Coach for Professionals Who Are On the Move. Tywauna Wilson is a leading authority on using your strengths to stand out above the crowd. You want to be the best, but you feel like you can’t. Your career is stalled, and you feel like you’re in a rut. It’s time to get unstuck! Mentorship with Coach Tee can be the catalyst that you have been waiting for to ignite your passion, push you past your limits, and inspire you to achieve success!