Episode 9: How the “hyper-achiever” could lead to burn-out in medical lab leaders

Episode 9: How the “hyper-achiever” could lead to burn-out in medical lab leaders

Who will help the lab leaders who are burnt out?

Are we only focused on just a few of the challenges and are ignoring what could become a bigger problem?

In this episode of eLABorate Topics podcast Lona Small talks about how the “hyper-achiever” could lead to burn-out in medical lab leaders.

Lona explained hyper-achiever as a saboteur, referencing Shirzad Chamine and his research and New York Times bestselling book Positive Intelligence.

Lona went into ways the hyper-achiever lies to individuals and creates stress and overwhelm.

Lona discussed 3 ways lab leaders who are hijacked by the hyper-achiever can weaken this saboteur and reduce the stress and overwhelm

1.       Connect to self through introspection and use of PQ reps
2.       Disconnect from the outcomes
3.       Develop a habit of more frequent mental fitness breaks and introspection

Lona discussed the above steps in details and demonstrated the PQ reps.

Listen to the full episode to find out the details on How “the hyper-achiever” could lead to burn-out in medical lab leaders “


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